A study to redefine the buying

Perhaps the fact that things in McCutchanville-area neighborhood are pretty rosy but in the City the population is shrinking rapidly and so are property values and incomes. Coures delivered alarming news about the current situation the City finds itself in, but did so in a way that was very matter-of-fact. He even said that we have been too complacent for too longand we agree. Coures articulated that the only housing growth in the fourth ward came from projects subsidized through DMD.

A study to redefine the buying

Then, the paper presents a comprehensive model of customer value for the consumer market integrating consumer values, A study to redefine the buying benefits, logistic benefits, and various costs of consumption.

Finally, the implications of holistic consumption behavior analysis for marketing strategy are discussed. That's the keyC to anticipating their needs, to solving their problems, to bringing them opportunities they might not find on their own. Indeed, creating superior customer value is a necessary condition for a company securing a niche in a competitive environment, not to mention a leadership position in the market Day According to Portera company can follow two generic routes to compete in a market: Day maintains that both approaches have the same objectiveC to create superior customer value, because "regardless of which of these routes is emphasized, the effort will fail unless significant customer value is created" Dayp.

A study to redefine the buying

Day addresses the issues in analyzing customer value and proposes that it can be expressed in a "value equation": Although Day's approach to customer value is basically sound, some details regarding consumer customers remain unclear.

For example, the process by which consumers perceive product benefits is nebulous: Day particularly addresses product valuation by industrial customers in detail, but this is only in principle a part of a much more complex process of product valuation by consumers. Hence a theoretical framework which underlies the consumers' overall product valuation is still missing in the literature.

Such a framework should address the issues of how consumers perceive the benefits and costs of products, as well as what possible benefits and costs consumers may perceive from products in the market. The current paper tries to fill these gaps.

In addition, the word "value" has discrepant meanings in the marketing literature, especially between its two areas: What marketing strategists mean by "customer value" is quite different from the meanings of the "consumer values" discussed in consumer behavior research Clawson and Vinson ; Kahle ; Peter and Olson ; Sheth, Newman and Gross ; Vinson, Scott and Lamont ; Wilkie Generally speaking, "customer value" focuses on the buyers' evaluation of product purchase at the time of buying, while "consumer values" stress people's valuation on the consumption or possession of products.

Actually, Day's approach to customer value Dayby emphasizing the customers' perceptions, indicates a direction in which the two different, but related, concepts of "value s " in marketing discipline might be integrated.

The current paper helps accomplish this integration by suggesting a model of customer value for consumer markets. This paper first reviews the literature on consumption behavior analysis relevant to marketing strategy. Next, a framework of product valuation for consumers and its typology of product benefit are proposed based on the consumption behavior analysis.

After the process of product valuation for consumers has been made clear, the paper presents a comprehensive model of customer value for the consumer market integrating consumer values, product benefits, logistic benefits, and various costs of consumption. In the proposed model, product benefits, logistic benefits, and costs are defined in terms of consumers' perception in the activities of acquisition, consumption or using and maintenance, as well as consumers' expectation of personal values satisfaction before buying.

Finally, the implications of consumption behavior analysis for marketing strategy are discussed. The importance of a comprehensive analysis of customers' consumption activities in planning effective marketing strategies was first pointed out by Boyd and Levy They maintain that marketing strategies should be planned and implemented in terms of the customer's needs and behavior patterns.

Also, the core element of an effective marketing plan is to think in terms of the "consumption system" in which the product plays a part. Boyd and Levy defined a consumption system as "the way a purchaser of a product performs the total task Underlying this systematic view of consumption are at least two concepts critical to customer value analysis.

First, this systematic view looks beyond the purchase behavior of buyers to the use behavior of consumers: Second, the systematic view emphasizes the dynamic interrelations between the products that comprise a consumption system: Based on their observation of the holistic nature of customer judgment, Day et al.

In particular, Day and his colleagues endorsed a usage-situation approach to defining a product-market or competitive structure. While the usage-situation approach is based on the holistic view of consumption behavior and is dubbed customer-oriented, it deals only with companies' need to define their product-market structures.

It has nothing to do with the analysis of customer value and how this value can be expanded. As Solomon points out, conventional marketing research has paid much more attention to the substitutability of products than to their complementarity, and the usage-situation approach is no exception.

In summary, the literature on consumption behavior analysis can proceed further to conceptualize the aspects of complementarity-in-use of products through which consumer may derive product benefits holistically in the product complement.

Based on consumption behavior analysis, the current paper proposes a framework of product valuation for consumers and its typology of product benefits see Figure 1.

This model stresses that to investigate the consumer's product valuation, it is necessary to integrate cultural values, personal values, consumption values, and product benefits Clawson and Vinson Cultural Values Cultural, social, and familial environments affect the formation and development of individual beliefs.

In a socio-cultural environment, a set of values usually represents widely shared beliefs about what is desirable.

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These socio-cultural beliefs are called cultural values or "society core values" Engel, Blackwell and Miniard and are implanted into individuals "naturally" through socialization and education, perhaps with some modification as personality and attitude moderate the learning process.

For example, Kahle proposes a "List of Values" LOV generic to American culture in the s, such as self-respect, security, self-fulfillment, fun and enjoyment in life, and warm relationships with others.

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These cultural values are seen by some social thinkers as "objective" Frondizi The City Council Finance Committee meeting last night should be a real eye opener for all the taxpayers in the City.

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A study to redefine the buying

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