Cagayan the land of smiling beauty

Understand[ edit ] Northern Mindanao is the peaceful, politically stable northern region of the Philippines' most exotic and resource rich island of Mindanao.

Cagayan the land of smiling beauty

A huge sign says it all Guess how many steps you need to take to get to the cave?

Cagayan Valley – Smiling Land Of Beauty

Yup it's steps The cave is probably the most "historical" cave in the country. In a fossilized millimeter metatarsal bone of an early settler was discovered inside the cave.

It was dated using uranium-series ablation and was found to be at least The remains of what was dubbed as the "Callao Man" antedated the 47,year-old remains of the Tabon Man. As a matter of fact, the Callao Man is considered as the oldest human remains in the Philippines.

He is the eldest son of the 26th President of the United States. After his visit, he created the National Park system of the Philippines with the passing of Act no.

Nangaramoan Beach Santa Ana, Cagayan

With that, Callao cave became one of the earliest national parks in the country. It covers an area of hectares of land.

Can you see the image of the Virgin Mary? Check out the "chapel" inside the cave The man-made altar inside the cave Check out the rocks. They're like swords hanging over your head.

Cagayan the land of smiling beauty

Hmm, another passageway huh! Its total area was further increased by Proclamation no. The gang To date, Callao Cave is the second cave that I have visited so far. For me, Callao Cave is like a time portal.

When I entered the cave my thoughts were whisked back into the time of the cave dwellers. It was then that I got hungry for more knowledge which then inspired me to travel more to see more new places and learn more new things. Our very knowledgeable guide Andoy Not only that, when we visited Callao Cave, we were lucky to have a famous tour guide accompanying us during the trip.

Andoy Dalimag was featured in a very famous TV show not once but several times. His life story was even portrayed in Maala-ala Mo Kaya. He is famously known as the "batang tour guide".

Cagayan the land of smiling beauty

From there, rent a tricycle heading to the Callao Cave.Get the latest fashion and beauty trends, inspirations for home decor, horoscopes, celebrity style, parenting tips, relationship advice, advice for mindful living, and more.

smiling over my. CAGAYAN PROVINCE – Land of Smiling Beauty Priority considered, combining a vacation with a tour of the country side and a pilgrimage, most likely Cagayan province is the choice of destination. The province aptly called the “Land of Smiling Beauty” is situated in the north eastern part of the island of Luzon.

Customer reviews; Customer reviews. out of 5 stars. out of 5 stars. 5 star And your humor had my husband and I smiling if not laughing. Keep up the good journeys, as well as the "armchair" ones! 4 people found this helpful I had the opportunity of taking a group to the holy land and found out about Walking in the Footsteps.

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Kilda in the Outer Hebrides. Today, the islands’ beauty remains, as do signs of what once was.

Ben Goes Where: CAGAYAN: Food trip and pasalubong

Cagayan de Oro; Malaybalay; Valencia; Ozamiz; Oroquieta; Iligan; Gingoog; Other destinations Understand. Northern Mindanao is the peaceful, politically stable northern region of the Philippines' most exotic and resource rich island of Mindanao.

It is a progressive region, with large tracts of land available for agriculture and industry.

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