Calculus tutorial

Often this will be something other than a number. Other than that, there is absolutely no difference between the two! All we did was change the equation that we were plugging into the function.

Calculus tutorial


Calculus relates topics in an elegant, brain-bending manner. You understand why drugs lead to resistant germs survival of the fittest. You know why sugar and fat taste sweet encourage consumption of high-calorie foods in times of scarcity.

It all fits together. Calculus is similarly enlightening. But most of us learn these formulas independently. Kids, no fingerpainting in kindergarten.

Imagine studying this quote formula: Math and poetry are fingers pointing at the moon. Formulas are a means to an end, a way to express a mathematical truth. Formal mathematical language is one just one way to communicate.

Calculus tutorial

But calculus is hard! I think anyone can appreciate the core ideas of calculus. Not long ago, reading and writing were the work of trained scribes.

Yet today that can be handled by a year old. Because we expect it. So expect that calculus is just another subject. Calculus does to algebra what algebra did to arithmetic. Arithmetic is about manipulating numbers addition, multiplication, etc.

Algebra finds patterns between numbers: Algebra finds entire sets of numbers — if you know a and b, you can find c. Calculus finds patterns between equations: Using calculus, we can ask all sorts of questions: How does an equation grow and shrink?

How do we use variables that are constantly changing? Heat, motion, populations, …. And much, much more! Like evolution, calculus expands your understanding of how Nature works.

How About Getting Real Close

Realize that a filled-in disc is like a set of Russian dolls. Here are two ways to draw a disc:Learn differential calculus for free—limits, continuity, derivatives, and derivative applications.

Full curriculum of exercises and videos. Aug 22,  · Calculus 1 Lecture An Introduction to Limits. Calculus I or needing a refresher in some of the early topics in calculus. I’ve tried to make these notes as self contained as possible and so all the information needed to read through them is either from an Algebra or Trig class or contained in other sections of the.

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Chapter 1: Why Study Calculus?

Chapter 1: Why Study Calculus? Introduction. The purpose of this chapter is to tempt you into learning some calculus. Topics. What You Should Know.

What Is Calculus and Why do we Study it?What Is Calculus and Why do we Study it? Introduction. Welcome to the SageMath Calculus Tutorial! From initial concepts to increasingly complex techniques and applications, this tutorial is meant to accompany a high school- or college-level beginning calculus course.

Free Calculus Tutorials and Problems