Case study six sigma at 3m inc

Six Sigma is a quality-improvement process engineered to produce error-free products

Case study six sigma at 3m inc

A premier membership is required to view the full essay. View Full Essay Discussion Questions 1. What will be the benefits, costs, and risks of the Six Sigma program and how will they be tracked and reported?

Case study six sigma at 3m inc

How should various functional areas in the organization be included in the Six Sigma initiative and what role should senior and middle management play in the change initiative?

What role should Six Sigma play in corporate strategy? What are the human resource implications for deploying Six Sigma e. Benefits will be increased earnings growth, improved quality, a common language for suppliers, employees and customers, accelerated product commercialization, and leadership development for employees.

Finance people from each division will be assigned to validate projected financial results and will be assigned to track these results when the programs are implemented.

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All other non-financial benefits customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, employee turnover, innovation, etc. Costs are the outside consultant training fees for top management and master blackbelts.

This takes resources away from existing activities. Risks are spending large amounts of money and achieving marginal results from the improvements.

Some argue that all functions will be included in the Six Sigma initiative. Legal, for example may run a project to reduce the cycle time for filing patents or to reduce the variability in this process. HR may undertake a process improvement related to the recruiting and selection of new employees.Six Sigma at 3M, Inc.

Brief Summary of the Case: When James McNerndy was announced the Chairman and Chief Executive of 3M, Inc. his top priority is to implement Six Sigma in the company as he envision this as the solution to the lagging profit of the company. For this assignment, read the case study, “Six Sigma at 3M, Inc.,” on pages of your textbook.

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Once you have read and reviewed the case scenario, respond to the following questions with thorough explanations and well-supported.

> SIX SIGMA AT 3M Case Study Analysis. SIX SIGMA AT 3M Case Study Analysis. 5 pages words. This is a preview content. A premier membership is required to view the full essay.

View Full Essay. Discussion Questions. 1. What will be the benefits, costs, . Six sigma is a core competency of 3M; it is ingrained in 3M’s system.

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It’s a difficult competency to build within a corporation (across firms in a corporation) and hence it’s inimitable, serving as 3M’s competitive advantage.

Common approach with common goals. Using Six Sigma tools and hypothetical data, this case study tests the approach and results to gauge poor service from excellent service delivery. The MS approach is highly applicable as a balanced scorecard parameter to measure delivery within service centers.

SIX SIGMA AT 3M, INC. This case was written by Professors Arthur Hill and Kevin Linderman of the Curtis L. Carlson School of Management at the The 3M approach to Six Sigma included two different improvement models. 1. For existing processes, the five-step DMAIC model was used.

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