How do you organise your company

This will provide you with some top tips for Your Event, as well as helpful hints from people who have successfully organised their own fundraising events for Macmillan.

How do you organise your company

The current regulations are applicable to GCC residence permit holders. Business Visas are issued to businessmen who have applied in advance.

How to Plan Your Next trip

To obtain a tourist visa, the individual should have traveled into the country by Qatar Airways. The visas are renewable every three months. The joint-entry visa of Qatar and Oman could be used which permits visits to either country.

How do you organise your company

But, for traveling to a third country, new visas need to be obtained at the point of entry. The nationals from the following countries are eligible for such joint-visa: When applying for a visa: The Embassy of Qatar does not offer any express or expedited services.

There is no additional fee charged for any application. All passports must be submitted and picked up between 9. The completed application form should be clearly printed should be accompanies by a non-refundable Application processing fee by money order or company cheque.

No cash or personal cheques are accepted. One payment per application should be followed. Single payment for two or more applications will not be accepted.

The passport submitted by the applicant should be valied for more than six months than the intended duration of stay in Qatar and should have pages to place a visa.

Every application should be accompanied by two color passport size photographs, original passports, two additional photocopies of first few pages of the passport, a company letter in case of Business Visainvitation letter for tourist visaif an individual applicant, the reason for entry visa request should be specified.

A visa is not required before travel to Qatar, if connecting to other flights by transit. Types of Visas and requirements Family Visa This service permits employees in Qatar to bring in their families from abroad, or renew residence visas of their family members.

Business Visa On obtaining a business visa, passport holders of certain countries will be granted direct entry visa, without obtaining previous visas at borders of the state. A company or a recognized establishment submits an application to the Immigration Department.

The visa has 2-week validity and could be renewed for another 2 weeks. However, the visa is subject to laws concerning entry and residency of foreigners and resolutions taken in that matter. It is also applicable to current rules for residents of GCC countries, and people arriving and departing on Qatar Airways.

Visas for Family Visits This visa is issued to family members of those residing in Qatar for a short-term duration of one month. The visa is issued for visiting family member, who are visiting their relative residing in the country.

In case the visitor seeks to stay beyond one month in Qatar, the visitor will have to undergo a medical test before the end of one month period. Thereafter, the visa could be renewed for five months for immediate family members includes father, mother, sister, sonsand two months for other relatives.

Companions of GCC National Visa The visa is given to drivers and servants of residents in Qatar, as they arrive at Qatari borders from the GCC States, and is valid for a period of one month and renewable for five months.

Special conditions include if the beneficiary has a valid residency visa in one of the Gulf Council states, or if she arrives with the sponsor of one of the sponsor family members wife or sons. It is renewable for another 14 days. Pre-conditions include the beneficiary possessing a valid residency visa in one of the GCC states, or the visitor visiting his relatives who are residents in Qatar.

Multiple Entry Visa Multiple visas with a validity of more than a year are issued to individuals, companies, and government establishments that have approval from a specialized authority. Joint Tourist Visa The visa is issued on arrival at Qatar border for 33 countries, and the beneficiary can enter any country directly and is free to move to another country before expiry of the stay period.

The visa with a validity of 21 days could be extended by another one week. However, Joint Tourist Visa holders are not permitted to work in Qatar with or without payment. Official Visa An official visa is issuing of free visas under the request of ministries and government establishments for a period of one month, which could be extended to five months, following medical tests and fingerprints.

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How do you organise your company

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