Practical application of statistics in nursing essay

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Practical application of statistics in nursing essay

Which nursing school is right for me See if this post helps: However, this could be looked at as an investment. A stethoscope is something you will likely use for the rest of your nursing career, so if you can afford it, get a better stethoscope.

Which semester of nursing school is the hardest The first semester by far is that hardest. This is because you are learning all the nuances of nursing school and how to study as well as take nursing style tests. It is different than any other type of schooling you have done so far.

Each semester is going to give new challenges but the first semester is the most shocking to endure. Check out their mission, purpose and goals page here: Having that said, the stress comes from a few things: You are given thousands of pages to read for assignment before you are to come into lecture.

Everyday assignments are basically to find the needle in the haystack.

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This is hands on learning in addition to lecture learning. Clinicals are a major part of nursing school. It can be stressful to be assigned a patient where you need to make sure you accomplish your assignment to-do list all while balancing a pleasing act between your clinical instructor and the nurse who actually has the patient.

There was often disagreement between the two in my experience. Nurses eat their young.

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It is catty and unnecessary but very much so a part of nursing school culture. The reality is that many of the ways that nursing is practiced is a preference.

However, it can be too hard for no reason at all.

Practical application of statistics in nursing essay

I want to be very clear here: I am not advocating that we do everything the easy way, I am advocating for a reason to do it the hard way.

Yes I have been told this with a rationale that I would be able to find things quicker and more efficiently on my own if I practice looking it up… OR we could try an alternative ending: Anyone have an idea what we would be worried about if a cast were placed first and major swelling occurred?

Answer plus a resource to look up the answer if you would like as well as an exercise in critical thinking. Another reason nursing school is hard is because you are being molded and shaped for taking one big, huge test that is very hard itself… And it is a test written by the people cut from the same cloth as your professors.

Why is nursing school so expensive Because you need to have equipment to practice nursing such as a stethoscope and you need to have books written by people who would also like to get paid for their time writing the millions billions of pages in their books.

It is expensive because it takes a lot of your time. In my opinion time is money, so taking a lot of my time is costly to me. And lastly it is expensive because of many of the surprise fees that they throw at you. You can try to avoid surprise expenses by checking out our ultimate list of things you must have for nursing school: This means that having more education is correlated with nursing care and makes a difference.

So I, for one, am thankful for having nursing school be tough to get into. If you are reading this because you did not get into nursing school, check out our post here: Why is nursing school so competitive Nursing school is not only hard to complete, but it is also hard to get into.

With the level of difficulty to get into nursing school, this allows for nursing schools to pick from the top applicants. You need to both be great academically AND be unique enough to draw attention to your application. Once you are in nursing school, the bar is set higher.

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Some classes are curved so even if you did well, you have to do better than enough people to pass. The other thing that you have to keep in mind is that people who have worked their tail off to get into nursing school are likely high performing, competitive, type A personalities anyway so to cluster a bunch of these people together makes for a very competitive environment.

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing – BSN Programs. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree could open up lots of doors for you, as bachelor’s prepared nurses can work in many different specialties. They want a one page, hand written paper answering this: "Describe the characteristics you possess that you feel will contribute to your success in the Practical Nursing Program and in practice as an LPN".

The Nursing Theory Page is a collaborative effort by an international group. We are interested in developing a collection of resources about nursing theories throughout the world.

Practical application of statistics in nursing essay

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