Respiratory case studies for medical students

For other discipline-specific case studies, navigate using the left menu. Join our CME mailing list! He stated it felt as if little needles were going from his armpits to the center of his chest.

Respiratory case studies for medical students

Respiratory The following are a collection of resources, including videos, exercises, case studies, and web sites, to enhance student learning of basic principles associated with common respiratory alterations. These resources do not substitute for class activities and are not intended to help a person self-diagnose.

Persons with respiratory symptoms are urged to consult with a doctor or go to the emergency room. Every attempt has been made to credit the resources appropriately through a works cited section.

This note, or any portions of this note, can not be copied unless permission is obtained from the author of NurseTabs and creator of NurseTabs facebook page. Respiratory System Animated respiratory system with external respiration.

Parkinson, How the Body Works: Microanatomy of the Lungs Presented here is the microanatomy of the lungs and its components. Dizzo95, Case Study Short, interactive respiratory case study!

Pulmonary Case Studies

Dustmitex, Case Study on emphysema Short, interactive respiratory case study! Illumistream, Treating Asthma Asthma 2 Discusses treatment options to help sufferers lead active lives.

Respiratory case studies for medical students

Illumistream, Preventing an asthma attack Asthma 3 Ways to avoid asthma exacerbations. Illumistream, Childhood asthma Asthma 4 Discusses asthma with an onset in childhood.

Illumistream, Exercise and asthma Asthma 5 Discusses ways to encourage active lifestyles in asthma sufferers.

Respiratory Cases I

Illumistream, What is Pneumonia? Retrieved January 29,from Auscultation Assistant: How the body works: Microanatomy of the lungs. Retrieved January 23,from YouTube: Asthma Video Provided by Dustmitex.

Childhood asthma Asthma 4. Exercise and asthma Asthma 5. Preventing an asthma attack Asthma 3. Treating Asthma Asthma 2.

Understanding Asthma Asthma 1. Understanding chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD 2. Retrieved january 23,from YouTube: Understanding chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

McGill University Virtual Stethoscope. Retrieved January 29,from MVS version 1.

Respiratory case studies for medical students

· Case Studies Product Sampler Sample Assignment Prior to lab all students read the case study about Mr.Y and answer the questions. Divide the students into four groups to discuss differing aspects of Mr.Y’s case. Case Study 7 Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Using a case study approach, students learn to manage an entire case from beginning to end.

Each time they assess the patient, they use the SOAP format: Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan reasoning, giving them practice in documenting history and developing care Sep 24,  · Janine Bothe's Clinical Cases: Medical-Surgical Nursing Case Studies is part of the Clinical Cases textbook series, which offers nursing students a collection of scenarios that are common in a variety of practical  · Features over 40 case studies providing comprehensive coverage of respiratory disorders Based around the specialist trainee curriculum and designed for those preparing for exit exams Contains numerous black and white images to assist in interpreting medical images Covers a Case studies are an opportunity to flag an issue of importance and to share a clinical experience with other professionals, and have particular importance for rare, or high-risk, low-probability events, as well as for new innovations that are not fully formed.

· Case 1. Mrs. Puffer is a year-old single mother, just getting off the night shift. She reports to the ED in the early morning with shortness of

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