The positives and negatives of the articles of confederation

Tweet on Twitter The Articles of Confederation was agreed by Continental Congress in November 15, during the second anniversary of the independence of America. The Article of Confederation and Perpetual union of thirteen states were ratified on the first day of March in by Maryland.

The positives and negatives of the articles of confederation

The Continental Congress adopted the articles on November 15,but complete ratification of the constitution did not occur until March of This allowed the colonial states to band together officially during a time of war, creating a centralized government that would be able to work with the 13 states.

The primary advantage that the Articles of Confederation provided was its ability to maintain the independence and sovereignty of each state within the union.

At the same time, the states could use the articles to band together, send ambassadors to other nations overseas, and handle territory issues.

As the young United States began to grow, the primary disadvantages of the Articles of Confederation began to be seen. The centralized government was made purposefully weak to limit its powers. Delegates of the government discovered these limitations made it difficult to handle economic problems, trade disputes, and other state-based issues because every state had so much independence.

Here are some more of the pros and cons of the Articles of Confederation to think about and discuss. What Were the Pros of the Articles of Confederation? It offered the first chance to experience unity. Although the various colonies had come together in a mutual fight against the British for independence, the US was hardly a united nation.

There were many loyalists that had been part of the colony population during the Revolutionary War as well. The Articles of Confederation became the first major attempt to bring everyone together under an umbrella of unity, no matter what their individual perspectives happened to be.

The positives and negatives of the articles of confederation

It gave the colonies a chance to go global. Without a centralized government, there was no way to communicate globally at the highest levels. The Articles of Confederation let the rest of the world know that the colonies were ready to be taken seriously.

It allows for colonists to still experience free movement. There was no need to carry papers or apply for a visa when traveling throughout the United States thanks to the Articles of Confederation.

With the Articles of Confederation created a confederacy of states, trade and other financial opportunities were encouraged internally. Instead of looking internationally for needed goods or services, this constitution encouraged the various states to work with one another so that everyone could benefit from the transaction.

This fostered even more unity, eventually leading the US to develop a personality at the national level. It required complete agreement to make changes to it.

Maryland was the last state to ratify the Articles of Confederation, nearly 2 years later than any other state. To make any changes to the articles, all 13 states would be required to ratify the change.List of Cons of Articles of Confederation. 1. It still contains flaws of the 1st and 2nd Continental Congresses.

Though it was drafted six times, this set of agreements still did not present an advantage over its opponents, as it was still not able to provide Congress the power to impose taxes, which was an issue before its ratification.

Home 6 Pros and Cons of the Articles of Confederation 6 Pros and Cons of the Articles of Confederation The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union (commonly known as the Articles of Confederation) are considered to be the first written constitution of the United States and were created to make the country stronger against Great Britain.

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The positives and negatives of the articles of confederation

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