Who are the winners and losers

While I have a healthy skepticism of politically-timed accusations, there was no way to know. So I kept my mouth shut and looked at the evidence, because that is what Americans are supposed to do. And after a week, it was not only obvious the evidence was lacking, it was just as obvious the evidence all sided with Kavanaugh.

Who are the winners and losers

It was a combination of winning and who lost that made it so sweet.

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The Constitution won, and the party of the whiny, screaming, hate-filled, violent mob was roundly defeated. In that sense, the country won. On an individual basis, there were many more winners and losers. While his name was smeared by shameless Democrats, he held strong and stood up for himself and his family.

Who are the winners and losers

Trump is a fighter, and he loves other fighters. No matter what else he does, returning the high court to one that serves the Constitution is a legacy no former resident of Pennsylvania Avenue can claim.

Winner: Islanders draft class

View Cartoon Lindsey Graham. He reclaimed his time and ripped Democrats for their sickening charade with a righteous anger and disgust that was long overdue. Following his lead, all the remaining Republicans followed suit.

That may have happened without him, to one degree or another, but it certainly happened the way it did because of him. Under extreme pressure, Collins found her spine.

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In a speech for the ages, Collins dissected the flimsy liberal case and stripped it bare. When she was done, only the most partisan of partisans were unconvinced.

Conservatives should rally around Collins in her reelection bid. Democrats on the Judiciary Committee.

Have you ever seen a more feckless group of adults? Not one serious question from any of them, just butt-kissing, speeches, and moral preening. And Dianne Feinstein came off as confused, unaware of how something in her possession made its way to the press.

Millions of Americans watched this year-old woman testify with the voice of a year-old, riddled with up-talking and vocal-fry. Did anyone believe this is how a woman with 2 masters degrees and a Ph.

She was also indifferent to the prospect of her lawyers either lying to her or on her behalf to the Senate.

Loser: Erik Karlsson

She had no fear of flying and claimed to not know she could have spoken with investigators in the privacy of her own home.losers: The Organized Left When you read about things like the Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism, and blacklists, you assume we are too well educated, mature, and ashamed of this history to ever repeat it.

Feb 11,  · Introducing new my series: Winners and Losers. In this first episode, I look the countries of the world. Music by Kevin MacLeod - metin2sell.com Here, then, are the winners and losers from Day 1 of the draft, with Rounds set to begin at 11 a.m.

ET Saturday.

Who are the winners and losers

Winner: City of Buffalo. Quickly. As the NFL trade deadline passes, the Texans and the Broncos walk away winners, and the Browns, who didn't make any moves, emerge appropriately as losers. Here's a look at the winners and losers at the NHL draft.

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